This site has been established to preserve the history of Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Chester, PA, USA and  to be a resource for all those sharing an interest in Sun Ship, it's history, technology, employees, ships, and industrial products.
This site is a work-in-progress and is currently being compiled and edited by Dave Kavanagh  (33M Dept).   We would appreciate any comments or additions that could be included at this site, including guest articles that would pertain to the yard it's history and technology. Also, we would be interested in any copies of Sun Ship documentation or memorabilia that could be utilized in our project.
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This site updated on  10/10/2016
Welcome to Sun Ship Historical Society's Website and Home Page
Note 1:     The following information is related to Sun Ship  life insurance  and pension.  Questions can be directed to:
               Life Insurance:  Aetna, Sun Ship Group Life  Insurance contact is Colleen Zoto at 215.775.0354 (Rev: 5/20/08)
               Pension:            MetLife: Contact Number is 800.638.5656 (Contact number revalidated 7/10/2013)
Note 2:    Next time your near Harrah's, take a look at our historic marker located on Route 291 at the entrance to the casino.
Note 3:    Visit the Hagley Museum & Library site at and click on the 'Princess Anne' to view their partial Sun Ship photo-collection.
Note 4:    The SSHS is looking for a hi-res scanned copy of the launching invitation for the 'Westward Venture' Hull 675.  Note: This is not Hull 674
               that was  5/3/2010  launched as the 'Westward Venture' and delivered as the 'Atlantic Bear'.  We would appreciate any help we can get
               on this.  Please email info to the address above. Thank You, Dave K.
Note 5:    When visiting the 'Selections' page, click on the 'What's New' icon for a quick check on what's been added to the site.
               Concept courtesy Butch Kates and his Sun Oil's ''.
Note 6:    If you find any 'links' that are not working or information that needs to be corrected, expanded upon or typographical errors, please contact me by email
as listed above.
Note 7:   Our thanks to Rich Janney (59D) for both his writeup on 'The Last Years of Sun Ship' and his pictures from his time at Bath Iron Works, while the
HSTC-1 Sugar Barge and the Essayons were being built. Please look under 'What's New' to link to Rich's writeup.
Note 8:   Please review 'What's New' for tests of our new 'Ships of Sun Ship'. Both the Hull 001 ('Chester Sun') and Hull 683 ('HSTC-1), the Sugar Barge have
             been  added to the site.
Note 9:   Please review 'What's New' for the new page for the 'El Faro's'  'In Memoriam'  in rememberence of the 1 year anniversary of her sinking on
              October 1, 2015. Note: Updated 10/10/2016
If you drop by, please sign our guest book, as we are extremely interested in your thoughts about the site, the type of information that would be of interest to others as well as informing us of other sites related to shipbuilding.  In addition, consider looking over "View Entries", as this has become a gathering spot for people who would like to establish contact with others, either with similar interests or renewing old friendships.  Please leave any suggestions, information, corrections or comments at     Thank You, Dave Kavanagh
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