Our Yard Magazines 
This section of the web site is devoted to the "Our Yard" Magazines.  Through our efforts and help from friends of the society, we have been able to obtain a large number of the magazines, which were published monthly from Sept. of 1941 through Feb. of 1964.  If you do the math,  that gives us 282 Our Yard magazines. Currently, we have all but Aug. 1946.
 There is a wealth of information about the yard and it's people within these pages.  We will work on  for display on the website.  Due to the restrictions on the website,  we will only display a small number of magazines at a time and rotate the series.  The scanned magazines will appear on this page and will be in .pdf format.  In addition,  we are putting together pages that will contain the cover pages of the Our Yard magazines.  
Sincerely,  Dave Kavanagh
Scanned Magazines: 
Scanned Covers: 
May, 1960
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                Dave Kavanagh 02.25.2016