Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers Mtg
The local Philadelphia Chapter of SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Engineers) held a meeting at the Raddison Hotel in Essington, PA on Feb. 18, 2009.  The guest speaker was Gene Schorsch (ex-VP of Sun Ship)  Gene held the audience captive while reviewing Sun Ship's history.  It was very rewarding to review many of our 'recent' accomplishments at Sun Ship including the GTS Callaghan, the ice-breaking tanker S.S. Manhattan, the Glomar Explorer and of course the new North Yard.  Our thanks to SNAME for choosing the history of Sun Ship as the topic of this meeting.

Attendees (left to right):
Merv Willis, Joh Matthews, Kyriakos Pakalidis, John Lawlor, Charles Lofft, Eugene Schorsch, Roger Burke (behind), Dave Kavanagh, Herron Miller (behind), Bruce Shipley, David Moorehead, John Orndorff (behind), Dick Schmitt and Charles Zeien.
Note: Our thanks to Rod Southerland for forwarding the picture and identifying the attendees.