All Chester Reunion of October, 2004
The All Chester reunion was held in October, 2004 at the Salvation Army facility on W. 15th St. in Chester, PA.  We had plenty of visitors and there was a lot of "Story Telling" going on.  The All Chester 2005 reunion will also be held at the Salvation Army facility.  Keep your eye on the bulletin board around August for further details.
Jim Kelley and Dave Kavanagh (Maintenance Depts)
Bob Sands (67 Dept) and Joe Osiphat (88 Dept)
Dan Dawson (58 Dept) & Wife Rosemary
Sun Ship Display with Betty Kavanagh "Standing Watch" before opening.
Al McCann (AF 2nd Shift Maint)and wife Janie with Dave K.
Mark Reed (58 Dept.)
State Senator Dominic Pileggi and Dave K.
Joe Osiphat (88 Dept) and wife Marge
Tom Greene (47 Shop)
Estel Hicks (59 Dept)
Bob Naimoli (33 Maint)
Walt Frysinger (45 Dept)
(Photographs courtesy of Betty Kavanagh and Daily Times)
Sharon Stebner-Dougherty: Worked in Main Office and was the daughter of Richard Stebner of 8 & 33M Depts.
Al Firlein (Boiler Shop - 30D)
Phyllis Daley (Main Office - Drafting & Our Yard)