Tinicum Inn Reunion of April, 1990
Bob and Gloria Hartman hosted the April, 1990 retirerees reunion at the Tinicum Inn in Tinicum, PA.
John Brown & Wife
Betty Montgomery, Gloria Hartman, 
Mary Yaworsky
(Help? and Wife) & Jim McSorely
and Wife Katherine 
Joe Hobolovich & Wife, Warren Gaines and wife, Bob Hartman kneeling.
Frank Soltis, Walt Kaminski, Al Barlsello & Phil News
Fred Katein and Bob Katein
Andy Santrick and Wife
Ben Linowski and Wife
Bob Hartman, Joe Hobolovich & Wife, Warren Gaines & Wife
John Pace & Friend, Joe Waltz and Wife, George Howarth
Claude Allen, Layman (Fireball) Bently and Blair Gibbs & Wife