T-2 Specification Book for: Single Screw Tanker T2-SE-A1 
A Short Summary of the T-2 Tanker:​

Already the nation's specialist in oil tanker construction, Sun Ship naval architects and engineers designed a variation on its traditional oil tanker that became the model for the United States Maritime Commission. Called the T-2, American shipyards would build 481 of these ships, of which 198 were built at Sun Ship. The T-2 was 503' long, 16,300 deadweight tons and could carry 141,000 barrels of oil at 14.5 knots. At least seven T-2 tankers were still in use as late as 2003.

The history of the T-2 Tanker is quite extensive and if you are interested "in the rest of the story" a good place to start would be going to the following sites: http://www.t2tanker.org/ and http://www.aukevisser.nl/t2tanker/t-tankers-2
S.S. 'Gettysburg'  Sun Ship Hull #241 
The first T-2 tanker built for the Maritime Commission during World War II
Sun Ship's Hull No. 241, launched on Feb 2, 1942
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